Real insurance for fantasy football

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By Leighton A. Hunley | 28 July 2014

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) estimates that 41 million people play fantasy sports annually, with the overwhelming majority—33 million—engaged in fantasy football. Fantasy football participants might be surprised to know that there is now an opportunity to buy real insurance that provides coverage when players on their teams have season-ending injuries.

One currently available product, FantasyPlayerProtect (FPP), is offered through MiniCo Insurance Agency of Phoenix, and is underwritten through Hudson Insurance Group. FPP is designed to recover costs for owners whose players experience season-ruining injuries. FPP’s policies define this condition in terms of the number of games missed. The coverage is triggered when a player misses eight or more games of a 14- or 15-week season, and nine or more games of a 16- or 17-week schedule.

This article was published in Risk & Insurance.

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