Top 10 worldwide Milliman publications of 2014

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In 2014, Milliman published a range of articles and videos, covering issues including retirement ideas for millennials, the pros and cons of catastrophe models, the value of ERM programs, and the impact of ACA on financial statements. We also published on challenges related to healthcare costs and insurance and risk management issues—and about real insurance for fantasy football and insurance for ride sharing.

Here are this year’s ten most viewed articles and reports:

10. Optimising life reinsurance strategy under risk-based capital measures
By Christopher Lewis, Jillian Wood, Sandra Haas, Scott Mitchell, Tatyana Egoshina

What are the possible effects of risk-based economic frameworks on a life insurer’s reinsurance strategy?

9. Capital management in a Solvency II world
By Eamonn Phelan, Scott Mitchell, Sinéad Clarke

Solvency II will change the way insurance and reinsurance undertakings determine their capital requirements and will introduce new rules regarding what forms of capital can be used to meet those requirements.

8. One year to go: An ORSA check-up
By Aaron C. Koch, François Dauphin, William C. Hines

With 2015 just around the corner, many insurers are finalizing their plans for completing an ORSA and filing the associated ORSA Summary Report.

7. Are your pharmacy benefits being adjudicated properly?
By Brian N. Anderson

Many plan sponsors underestimate the value of auditing their pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) contracts, which can help recover funds lost through overpayments or system errors.

6. Millennials: Making room for retirement savings
By Jinnie Olson

There are numerous steps millennials can take to lead them down the path to increased retirement security.

5. Catastrophe models: Traps and pitfalls
By Derek Newton

Catastrophe models are perhaps the best way of understanding the risks posed by natural perils. But no model is perfect.

4. ERM in the Middle East: Moving beyond compliance
By Mark Stephens, Safder Jaffer

ERM programs can also generate significant business value.

3. The proposed federal exchange auto-enrollment process: Implications for consumers and insurers
By Paul R. Houchens, Susan E. Pantely

What are potential implications for policyholders and insurance companies related to changes in federal subsidies and the renewal process?

2. Making the case for variable annuity pension plans (VAPPs)
By Grant Camp, Kelly S. Coffing

VAPPs provide lifelong income with inflation protection to participants and stable contribution requirements for the employer.

1. ACA's impact on financial statements
By Matthew P. Chamblee

An overview of the new risk programs, subsidies, and fees with recommendations for both planning accruals and accounting for them on financial statements.

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