The burden of hepatitis C virus disease in commercial and managed Medicaid populations

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By Christine Ferro, Rebecca L. Johnson | 24 September 2015

The recent approval of curative and well-tolerated pharmaceutical treatments to eradicate the hepatitis C virus (HCV) has focused attention on the health burden and costs of the HCV-infected population. The findings of Milliman’s analysis showed, in part, that the portion of members diagnosed with HCV by sex and stage of disease for a commercially insured adult population in 2013 showed a higher prevalence of HCV among males than females. Additionally, there were several differences in the HCV prevalence rates for the Medicaid population compared with the commercial one. The overall prevalence rate of HCV is 7.5 times higher, and the average age is lower. Additionally, there are more females diagnosed with HCV than males in the Medicaid population.

This report was commissioned by Primrose Healthcare, LLC.