The Milliman Industry Mortality Study and Analysis (MIMSA)

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The Milliman Industry Mortality Study and Analysis (MIMSA) is one of the largest and most comprehensive life insurance mortality and lapse studies ever compiled. Covering the U.S. individual life insurance business of 29 companies from 2000 to 2009, MIMSA contains $27.8 trillion of exposure for mortality and $26.1 trillion of exposure for lapse. There are also 1.6 million deaths and 8.1 million lapses in the study.

MIMSA offers important insights and provides some data not available elsewhere, such as smoker to nonsmoker ratios by age and duration and mortality experience on the wearing off of preferred.

MIMSA also includes:

  • Mortality and lapse experience by individual risk class, product type, and distribution channel
  • Substandard, term conversion, and group conversion mortality and lapse experience
  • Cause of death experience split many ways
  • Mortality experience on attained ages 90 to 100
  • Mortality and lapse experience by premium collection type, premium mode, and policy ownership
  • A pivot table tool that allows the data to be analyzed in more depth