Mergers and acquisitions: Communication and expertise

Mergers and acquisitions: Communication and expertise

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Video transcript

Joy Schwartzman: Communication is critical. Our audiences are often not actuaries. They are C-suite executives, boards of directors. They want to know how our findings will affect their business, will influence their decision if they should go forward with a transaction and at what price. They want to know about our conclusions, how confident we are in our conclusions and how does that impact some of the underlying assumptions they originally made in making a decision to purchase. By coming to Milliman, they always know they will get the most qualified people to analyze the business, the target business. And when it's international, we have great resources around the world, so it's not unusual if the target's an international firm that we'll be working with our partners in the UK or our partners in Switzerland or our partners in Southeast Asia. That's one of our strengths, that we are able to go across borders, and we have consultants in many of our offices outside of the US that I would consider M&A and due diligence experts, especially in the developing economies where there is so much activity going on, where outside investors look to invest in local companies.

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