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Pension funding & FAS reporting

Pension Performance Dashboard


Pension Performance Dashboard

The Pension Performance Dashboard provides real-time updates on plan financial information for funding and FAS reporting, and offers monthly and quarterly updates of prior actuarial valuations based on asset and liability returns.

The Pension Performance Dashboard can show plan sponsors how movements in the capital markets are affecting their plan's financial status, and it gives real-time information updates on projected policy contributions, funded status, and FAS expense. The tool also provides early warning signals on participant-level benefit limitations and plan-level operational constraints.

The Pension Performance Dashboard calculates the plan-specific liability return and can track the success of various investment policies, including liability-driven investment policies. It may be used in conjunction with Milliman's SM(2) Segment Matching and Surplus Management investment policy development tool.

Click here to see an example of data generated by the Pension Performance Dashboard monthly reporting tool. All results are plan-specific outcomes and projections.

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