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Stephanie M. Peterson

Consulting Actuary
Dallas, TX, US

Stephanie Peterson is a principal and consulting health actuary in the Milliman East & West Health & Group Benefits Practice (E&W H&GB). As a credentialed actuary, she is responsible for actuarial reports and analysis for medical, pharmacy, dental, life, disability, paid time off, and other ancillary plans.

In addition to her actuarial duties, Stephanie brings 25+ years of experience in both the employer-based HR sphere and in consulting clients on HR strategy and day-to-day benefits operations. She has worked with many client industries from retail, hotel, manufacturing, oil and gas, to non-profit and higher education. Stephanie excels in matching benefits strategy to client-specific needs and brings a high level of support to her clients.

Stephanie has extensive experience in consulting with clients on employee benefit issues. She has worked with a wide variety of private and public clients in the following areas:

  • Setting budgets and premium equivalent rates for employer-sponsored renewal projections/assessing and negotiating rate renewals from insurance carriers
  • Evaluating large claim expectations using Monte Carlo simulations - assists with annual budgets and carrier negotiations
  • Implementing and calculating impact of new plan design options including those associated with consumer-driven health plans
  • Calculating the value of plan design changes using Milliman's proprietary actuarial cost model, Health Cost Guidelines™ and Dental Cost Guidelines™
  • Participating in large, complex actuarial projects such as Health Care Reform Strategic Impact Studies and Private Exchange Feasibility Analyses
  • Performing Compliance Related Computations:
    • Calculating IBNR reserves
    • Performing Medicare Part D attestations
    • Determining Non-Discrimination Compliance as it pertains to IRC 105(h), 129, 79, and 125
    • Performing retiree medical valuations
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