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Data assets

Milliman Consolidated Health Cost Guidelines™ Sources Database (CHSD)

  • Milliman assembled multiyear, multiple-line-of-business, longitudinal claims and enrollment data structure.
  • Several national and regional health plans contribute their annual enrollment and claims detail with over 75 million commercially insured lives and almost 90 million total insured lives.
  • This includes commercial, individual, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplement members’ claims and enrollment across all states.

Milliman Medicare Prescription Drug Consolidated Database (PDCD)

  • This data set contains actual prescription drug event (PDE) data for over 6 million Medicare-eligible members.
  • Members are identified as low-income (LI) versus non-LI based on the corresponding flags in their Monthly Membership Report (MMR) records from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
  • Data can be used to identify which benefit phase the member was in for each claim.

Milliman’s Emerging Experience Data Set

  • Commercial, Managed Medicaid, and Medicare Advantage claims and enrollment data for research and client engagements.
  • Several health plans contribute monthly enrollment and claims detail with over 50 million lives represented.
  • 4-month lag between the experience period and the release of the data.

100% Medicare Research Identifiable Data Set

  • 100% Research Identifiable File has linked Parts A & B and D for all Medicare beneficiaries; Research protocol is broad. 2010 into 2020.
  • Providers, formularies and health plans are identified.
  • 100% Innovator Research data has linked Parts A, B, and D; research protocol is for benchmarking and socioeconomic research.
  • Demo detail includes 9-digit zip and race/ethnicity

100% Medicare Advantage Encounter Data Set

  • Similar to claims data.
  • Available for all Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Individual member experience is available and linked to their Part D information.
  • Note that cost information is not available.

Medicare 5% Sample

  • The CMS 5% Sample contains all Medicare FFS paid claims generated by a statistically balanced sample of Medicare FFS beneficiaries.
  • Information includes diagnosis codes, procedure codes, and diagnosis-related groups, site of service information, beneficiary age, eligibility status and an indicator for HMO enrollment.


  • Formerly Truven, Formerly IBM Watson
  • Private sector health benefits claims and enrollment data from approximately 100 payers with over 35 million commercially insured lives.
  • The data set consists of patient-specific clinical utilization, expenditures, and enrollment across inpatient, outpatient, pharmacy, and carve-out services from a selection of large employers, health plans, and government and public organizations.
  • The databases link paid claims and encounter data to detailed patient demographic information across sites and types of providers over time.

Milliman State Discharge Data

  • Standardized state in-patient discharge database.
  • Includes information on patient cost share, billed and allowed amounts, length of stay
  • Does not include insurance or membership information
  • Data available for more than 10 years

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