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Health coverage in the Gig Economy – Experience from several countries

By Somya Bansal, Joanne Buckle, Diana Dodu, Nathaniel Jacobson, Alexander Krauskopf , Monika Lis, Yunzi Xia, and Rong Yi
02 February 2022

About the Author(s)

Somya Bansal

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Joanne Buckle

London Tel: 44 20 7847 1630

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Diana Dodu

Bucharest Tel: 40 734 959974

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Nathaniel Jacobson

New York Tel: 1 646 4733252

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Alexander Krauskopf

Dusseldorf Tel: 49 211 938866 12

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Monika Lis

Warsaw Tel: 48 22 6306203

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Yunzi Xia


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Rong Yi

New York Tel: 1 646 4733000

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