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research report

Town of Paradise California Resilience Challenge: Task 1 to Task 4

Risk reduction, climate change, and insurance premiums

By Matt Chamberlain, Robert Yinpok Lee, Taylor Deacon, Nancy Watkins, Kent David (Corelogic), Fan Lei (Corelogic), and Ilyes Meftah (Corelogic)
02 May 2023

About the Author(s)

Matt Chamberlain

San Francisco Tel: 1 415 394 3785

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Robert Yinpok Lee

Taylor Deacon

San Francisco

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Nancy Watkins

San Francisco Tel: 1 415 394 3733

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Kent David (Corelogic)

Fan Lei (Corelogic)

Ilyes Meftah (Corelogic)

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