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The UNDP-Milliman Global Actuarial Initiative

A partnership to grow the actuarial profession and strengthen safety nets worldwide

Gaining ground on climate change and poverty

Healthy economies need insurance, and insurance needs actuaries
to help quantify risk. But in many developing countries, the actuarial profession is just emerging.

That’s why Milliman and the United Nations Development Programme's Insurance and Risk Finance Facility launched the Global Actuarial Initiative, or GAIN. Through this partnership, volunteers travel around the world to meet with universities, insurers, and governments and offer training and mentorship.

The objective of GAIN

Enhance global sustainable development through the expansion of actuarial capacity and expertise in the developing world.

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What's an actuary, anyway?

Actuaries are professionals who use math and statistics to measure risk. In the developing world, actuaries develop insurance products to help farmers protect crops and cattle, and to help communities recover from floods, fires, and other natural catastrophes. They can help establish effective auto and life insurance markets. Actuaries help bring safety nets and financial security to a world at risk.

GAIN's work around the world

GAIN is on the ground in a growing number of countries with programs being delivered by the UNDP Insurance and Risk Finance Facility.

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Snapshots and stories from GAIN's country visits

Colombia city street with flag.


UNDP GAIN fact-finding group travels to Colombia

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Egypt pyramid sphinx photo.


Actuaries in Egypt: Breaking ground on the UNDP partnership

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Ethiopia waterfall in forest.


Ethiopia takes steps to grow actuarial profession with help from Milliman

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Nepal city landmark tower.


Climbing mountains: UNDP GAIN partnership travels to Nepal

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Nigeria jungle bridge with palm trees.


UNDP GAIN mission pays visit to Nigeria

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Successes from GAIN's first year

UNDP GAIN Milliman volunteers

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Stay updated with GAIN's latest progress

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Icon of headphones listening for podcast.

Hear five Milliman volunteers reflect on their experiences on our Critical Point podcast

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Icon of a document page.

GAIN's implementation process and more, published on the Society of Actuaries website

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Icon of a document page.

A look at GAIN's potential country interventions and initial challenges, published on the Institute of Actuaries of Australia website

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