Pharmaceutical claims analytics




MyRxConsultant™ is a pharmacy analytics tool that enables real-time pharmaceutical claims experience reporting. This online tool processes your pharmacy claims data and generates pharmacy benefit costs and experience reports on demand, allowing you to compare your contracted discount rates and savings.

MyRxConsultant empowers payer organizations, healthcare brokers, health plans, and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to make data-driven decisions and reduce costs through detailed reports, without having to invest in IT staff or other outside consultants to process their pharmacy claims data.

Improve decisions, reduce costs

MyRxConsultant helps you reduce costs and improve efficiency by supporting pharmacy analytics.

Our experience-based reports offer clear, concise insights that can help you:

  • Review PBM invoices
  • Gain a competitive edge in contracting efforts
  • Confirm performance is aligned with contract
  • Highlight the highest cost prescriptions, patients, and pharmacies
  • Ensure that your pharmacy program is cost effective
  • Steer benefits program participants toward more cost effective options
  • Conduct a PBM pricing audit

Instant, easy-to-use access

MyRxConsultant is intuitive and easy-to-use, and it allows detailed insights into pharmaceutical claims anytime, anywhere.

Users upload raw pharmacy claims data to our site, which is processed quickly, securely, and electronically. Within minutes, users receive sorted, summarized data reports in a secure format.

MyRxConsultant provides the following reports:

  • Performance summary
  • Ingredient cost
  • Experience totals and comparisons
  • Top drugs by count
  • Top drugs by total plan cost
  • Top therapeutic classes by count
  • Top therapeutic classes by total plan cost
  • Top prescribers by total plan cost
  • Top patients by total plan cost
  • Top pharmacies by total plan cost