Offshore services

Our healthcare industry expertise and technical know-how extends to multiple markets across the globe. With our comprehensively trained medical management team based in India, we can offer access to low-cost, offshore clinical expertise for the administrative tasks that support the case management and bill audit processes for international health insurers.

Milliman's clinical consultants in India include well-qualified, knowledgeable physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, and information technology specialists. Our approach provides an innovative care management solution that is both cost-effective and efficient. Key tasks that can be outsourced include data entry, screening, and documentation of medical necessity for review.

Health insurers who use Milliman offshore services improve turnaround time, gain efficiency, and reduce administrative costs, while staying in direct contact with care providers and retaining control over final care determinations.

Outsource review yields 300% ROI

Milliman’s claims specialists in India were asked to perform a bill audit review for a UK insurer. Our clinical consultants conducted quality assurance checks of bill audits done by the in-house team. In the review, our Indian team found errors that, when corrected, resulted in cost savings of more than three times the outsourcing cost.

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