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Wealth management product development

Milliman is a pioneer in the development of next-generation wealth management products. We are recognized globally as the leading consulting firm when it comes to assisting wealth management organizations design, build, and manage products that meet customer's wealth accumulation and income generation needs.

Milliman consultants have been assisting clients to develop wealth accumulation and retirement products since the 1990s. We are the dominant consulting firm undertaking this work in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Milliman's leadership has facilitated new product concepts globally such as living benefits and indexed annuities, and we are actively involved in establishing global industry standards for these products as well as the risk management techniques upon which they are based.

Our Australian clients continue to benefit significantly from the many years of experience that our local consultants have gained working on product development initiatives, both in Australia and abroad. Our integrated global team of financial risk management (FRM) professionals provides Milliman's clients with access to the latest developments, enabling them to stay at the forefront of their respective markets through the latest product and risk management innovations.

Our consultants have been involved in the development of the majority of guarantee product launches across Europe since the mid 2000s, as well as in North America, Asia, and Australia.

This experience is critical in being able to navigate the technical, operational, and political complexities of product development. Our consultants are highly skilled at helping companies get products to market in record time. Because we offer complete end-to-end product development, risk, and capital management solutions, we design products with entire life cycles in mind.

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