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After COP27: Implementing people-centered climate adaptation

22 February 2023

Translating the Insurance Development Forum’s COP27 initiatives into action

Watch the webinar to learn how insurers, policymakers, and organizations can implement a more human-centered approach to climate adaptation and mitigation.


  • Ekhosuehi Iyahen, Secretary General, Insurance Development Forum (IDF)

Additional panelists:

  • Ivo Menzinger, Co-Chair of IDF Operating Committee, Ex-Officio Member of IDF Steering Committee, and Co-Chair of IDF Sovereign & Humanitarian Solutions Working Group; Managing Director, Public Sector Business for Swiss Re
  • Nick Moody, Co-Lead, Global Risk Modelling Alliance and Coordinator of IDF Risk Modelling Steering Group
  • Nilesh Prakash, Advisor with the V20 Group of Finance Ministers

Moderated by Ken Mungan, Milliman Chairman, IDF Steering Committee Member, and Ambassador of the IDF’s Inclusive Insurance Working Group

The discussion includes a look at the Global Shield and Global Risk Modelling Alliance, and audience questions.

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