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Webinar: Improving data to make communities more climate resilient

By Leighton Hunley, David Evans
03 June 2022

Community leaders, policymakers, and business executives are increasingly asked if they are incorporating climate forecasts into their decision-making. Climate-informed decision making first requires having access to the right data, yet for many decision-makers, obtaining granular, quality, consistent, and available data remains a major challenge.

Timothy Judge, Fannie Mae’s Chief Climate Officer, in conversation with Marta Golding Brown, co-creator of Smart Coast California, discuss the data and information their organizations are currently relying upon for climate resilience initiatives.

Hosted by the Milliman Climate Resilience Initiative, the discussion will explore potential changes in climate-related measurements that can help organizations improve their assessments and analyses moving forward. Timothy and Marta will also share their perspectives on how these changes might be implemented over time, including how bringing data up to today’s standards can lead to stronger community resilience to climate change.

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