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Milliman report

Excessive heat in North Carolina: Impacts on workers compensation costs and healthcare services utilization and claims

By Garrett Bradford, Robert J. Meyer, Joanne Buckle, Philip S. Borba, Sheryl Hou, Rong Yi, and Kailey Adams
27 June 2023

About the Author(s)

Garrett Bradford

San Francisco Tel: 1 415 3943792

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Robert J. Meyer

New York Tel: 1 646 4733000

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Joanne Buckle

London Tel: 44 20 7847 1630

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Philip S. Borba

New York Tel: 1 646 4733404

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Sheryl Hou

New York

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Rong Yi

New York Tel: 1 781 462 8099

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Kailey Adams

San Francisco

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