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Pension plan management

Milliman Daily Pension Tracker

Daily Pension Tracker

Changing interest rates continue to present concerns about pension plan volatility. So there’s more of a need than ever for tools to monitor that volatility and help plan sponsors make solid financial decisions.

The Milliman Daily Pension Tracker provides an accurate diagnosis of pension plans daily, allowing for plan sponsors to make prompt investment decisions to de-risk pension liability.

With the Milliman Daily Pension Tracker, plan sponsors can take a more proactive approach to managing the funded status of pension plans, efficiently and systematically reducing volatility and immunizing pension liability. This tool allows companies to monitor the funded status of their pension plans on a daily basis – rather than the historical monthly, quarterly, or annual approach – so plan sponsors can take advantage of market conditions and reallocate assets on any given day. In addition, this tool provides the needed information to support a Liability Driven Investment strategy.

Actionable data that improves decision-making

Ultimately, the Milliman Daily Pension Tracker allows plan sponsors to make appropriate investment decisions and check the overall health of their pension plans daily, which makes it easier to:

  • Quickly react to market changes
  • Make investment decisions and asset reallocations based on the daily funded status of the pension plan
  • Implement and support liability-driven investment strategies
  • Systematically reduce volatility and immunize pension liability
  • Track discount-rate movement and other market trends as quarterly and year-end disclosures approach
  • Measure many types of liabilities including funding, plan accounting, plan sponsor accounting, plan termination, and other measures for financial needs.

Works with any plan arrangement

The Milliman Daily Pension Tracker helps plan sponsors with open, closed, or frozen pension plans as well as those with an asset allocation policy tied to the funded status (e.g., a “glide path” approach).

Receive information by email, text, or both

Using this daily market information, our tool estimates daily discount rates and funded status and then automatically informs plan sponsors of changes via email, text, or both.

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