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The most dangerous risks to your business are those you can’t see.

As the requirements of operating a business have grown, so has the responsibility for more rigorous risk and financial management. By helping clients to identify and manage hidden and emerging risks, we enable them to make decisions with greater confidence and guard against the growing threats to their businesses.

Nobody understands risk better than we do.

Our rigorous, distinctly innovative approach to risk management is built on a foundation of actuarial expertise and shaped by some of the most advanced thinking in the industry.

Whether you’re looking to improve capital efficiency, comply with regulatory requirements, or guard against market volatility, Milliman offers a complete range of operational, strategic, and financial risk management solutions and tools.

Briefing note

Potential actions in a rising interest rate environment: Cash flow testing considerations

We utilize cash flow testing methodology to highlight potential management actions and modeling considerations to help reduce the need for additional reserves.

Read the most recent risk-related thought leadership.

Research report

Life insurance capital regimes in Asia, 4th edition

This report compares and contrasts life insurance RBC regimes across selected Asian markets and highlights potential implications from future regulatory changes in the industry.

White paper

Best practices in risk and capital management for Bermudian life companies

With insurers and reinsurers facing an ever-changing and increasingly complex market environment, Bermuda regulators expect robust ERM programs.

White paper

Developing climate risk scenarios for Solvency II ORSA

European insurers face challenges in the assessment of transition risks on assets for climate risk scenarios under Solvency II ORSA.


Milliman Nodal: New interface, new insights

Through a reimagined user experience, Milliman Nodal empowers you with predictive AI to improve claims triage, workers’ comp medical costs, and more.


Threats unknown: Managing cyber risk for tomorrow

Cyber risk is evolving fast. You’ve got to evolve faster.


Enterprise risk management: Evolution and transformation

Enterprise risk management is evolving, and insurance companies now have more sophisticated ways to control information.

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Milliman risk products

Reserving and IBNP reserve estimation
Reserving and IBNP reserve estimation


Analyze unpaid claims liabilities with industry-leading stochastic and deterministic reserving tools and methods.

Modern flood insurance program


Milliman Bungalow is a private flood insurance plan that includes advisory loss costs, risk classification rating factors, and rating rules.

Financial modeling and industrialization
Financial modeling and industrialization
Financial modeling & industrialization


Automate and accelerate actuarial modeling and reporting with a powerful, cloud-based solution.

Insurance risk assessment
Insurance risk assessment
Insurance risk assessment


IntelliScript combines industry-leading data and analysis to provide insurers the knowledge, tools, and insight to confidently assess risk.

Auto policy underwriting

Milliman AccuRate Fleet

AccuRate Fleet™ is a usage-based insurance score designed to enable more accurate pricing of fleet exposure and driving behavior risk.

Reserve and liability modeling
Reserve and liability modeling
Mortgage platform for investments & reinsurance

Milliman M-PIRe

A comprehensive platform to evaluate mortgage investment opportunities, trends in the market, and portfolio aggregation.

Reserve and liability modeling
Reserve and liability modeling
Reserve and liability modeling


Dramatically reduce the time required for life insurance reserves and liabilities calculations with innovative modeling.

Geographic rating insights


Milliman PinPoint delivers relevant geographic rating insights to your system at the point of decision through a simple API.

Premium comparison platform
Premium comparison platform
Premium comparison platform


Identify new market sectors, pinpoint adverse selection, and make better pricing decisions with a web-based premium comparison tool.

Predictive analytics
Predictive analytics
Predictive analytics


Assess the volatility embedded in pension plans, immediate annuities, and deferred annuities with longevity guarantees.

Predictive analytics
Predictive analytics
Predictive analytics


Visually explore industry experience against your own and make intelligent decisions based on drivers of policyholder behavior.

Solvency II reporting and compliance
Solvency II reporting and compliance
Solvency II reporting & compliance


Streamline Solvency II compliance with a multi-user, multi-site tool for Standard Formula SCR and quantitative reporting templates.


Milliman risk services

Complex risk assessment

Manage threats and opportunities related to complex non-financial risks among people, systems, and the external environment.


Design, deploy, and manage hedging programs while benefiting from our extraordinary breadth in dealer and instrument coverage.

Enterprise risk management

Embed ERM best practices into your organization to create a structured and sustainable business management process.

Milliman Managed Risk Strategy

Stabilize the volatility of an investment portfolio during periods of significant and sustained market declines.

Mortgage feasibility studies

We combine actuarial and modeling expertise with capital markets structure analysis to deliver meaningful financial feasibility studies.

Mortgage compliance

Milliman assists clients with compliance-related analytics for both fair lending and quality control reviews.

Mortgage government services

We specialize in building customized and cost-effective solutions to measure and manage the risks associated with originating credit risk.

ILS Pricing Reviews

Maintain an edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace with a wide range of investment portfolio reviews.

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