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Social and economic impact

Scientifically established, yet hotly debated on the political stage, one thing that’s certain is that climate change is bringing with it a host of risks. Insurers, governments, experts, and citizens are coming together to mitigate short-term impacts and discover long-term solutions. Time is short and the implications are massive.

A warming world

Unprecedented risk and uncertainty

The economic and social impacts of climate change are both potentially massive and incredibly difficult to predict. They test the limits of risk management and modeling capabilities. There is also increasing regulatory focus worldwide on reducing its impacts. We are working hard to understand and address these challenges in cooperation with industry experts, our clients, and the larger global community.


Trial by wildfire: Will efforts to fix home insurance in California stand the test of time?

As the 2020 wildfire season exceeds historical norms, California insurers and policymakers are looking for durable solutions to extinguish the threat of a homeowners’ insurance crisis.


A powerful climate risk coalition

Building on a foundation of expertise modeling complex risks, the Milliman Climate Resilience Initiative (MCRI) unites perspectives across industry, government, academic, and not-for-profit sectors to anticipate and measure the most pressing climate risks and drive effective responses.
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Watch the video

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Milliman climate change insight

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We’re here to help

Ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

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