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Reform reimagined

The years since passage have brought constant change—challenges and successes alike. Where do we stand today? And what will tomorrow bring?

Reform reimagined

Making it count

Since the passage of the ACA, states have taken very different approaches to managing reform—with varying degrees of success. An already-complex landscape has been made even more so due to constant regulatory battles.

Many exchanges have stabilized and found success, while others continue to face considerable challenges. Milliman brings you insights from our experiences on the front lines of reform.


Rising above the fray

See how Milliman is working to improve healthcare—objectively.


ACA + ACB: What does the next SCOTUS decision mean for private markets?

The ACA is facing yet another existential crisis in its latest trip to the Supreme Court, and by now we all know the headlines. But what does a potential ruling mean, and why should you care?


Can you trust your data?

Your decisions are only as good as your data. And your data is only as good as your platform. That’s why over 300 leading healthcare organizations trust MedInsight to get the data right.

Watch the video
Watch the video

Milliman Affordable Care Act insight


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Alternative payment
Alternative payment

ACO Care Management Impact Model

Model, establish, and measure medical management outcomes to achieve performance targets and make sound decisions.

ACA utilization and cost evaluation
ACO utilization & cost evaluation

ACO Insight

Get online access to dynamic, interactive claims reports and robust benchmarks for ACOs, updated monthly.

Reserving and IBNP reserve estimation
IBNP reserve estimation

Claim Reserve Estimation Workbook (CREW)

Estimate reserves accurately with our powerful, yet simple tool for estimating "incurred but not paid" claim liabilities.

Benefit plan evaluation
Benefit plan evaluation


Estimate actuarial equivalent relative values for health plans based on variables such as copays, deductibles, and coinsurance.

Healthcare cost modeling
Healthcare cost modeling

Excess Product Suite

Improve the pricing and underwriting of medical excess products with a complete toolkit based on Milliman Health Cost Guidelines.

Healthcare cost modeling
Healthcare cost modeling


Analyze healthcare relative value units (RVUs) across all healthcare services and provider types, using any data set.

Healthcare cost modeling
Healthcare cost modeling

Health Cost Guidelines – Grouper

Benchmark utilization and costs by sorting claims data into Health Cost Guidelines™ (HCG) categories.

Healthcare cost modeling
Healthcare cost modeling

Health Cost Guidelines Suite

Estimate expected claims costs and model healthcare utilization with Milliman’s Health Cost Guidelines™, an industry gold standard.

Employee communications
Employee communications

Health Plan Assist

Provide employees with a web-based tool that estimate out-of-pocket and premium costs for medical, dental, and vision plans.

ACA compliance and affordability
ACA compliance & affordability

Healthcare Reform Dashboard

Give small and mid-size employers essential analysis needed for ensuring compliance and plan affordability under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Healthcare benchmarking
Healthcare benchmarking

HECS & RBRVS for Hospitals

Compare and benchmark hospital contracts on a patient-severity adjusted basis.

Hospital performance analysis
Hospital performance analysis

Hospital Performance Index

Analyze performance against national and regional best practices for strategic deployment of care management resources.

Healthcare cost modeling
Healthcare cost modeling

Individual Medical Underwriting Guidelines (IMUGs)

Evaluate the expected relative cost of an individual applying for coverage with detailed ratings on more than 1,400 conditions.

Insurance risk assessment
Insurance risk assessment


IntelliScript combines industry-leading data and analysis to provide insurers the knowledge, tools, and insight to confidently assess risk.

Medicare advantage benchmarking
Medicare Advantage benchmarking

Milliman MACVAT (Medicare Advantage Competitive Value Added Tool)

Evaluate relative values of Medicare Advantage program plans using a comprehensive, Excel-based tool.

Healthcare analytics
Price transparency analytics

Milliman Price Transparency Solutions for Payers and Providers

Demystify payer and provider contract pricing data for better transparency across the industry.

Healthcare analytics
Healthcare analytics


Adopt the healthcare industry’s leading platform for data warehousing and healthcare analytics.

Healthcare cost modeling
Healthcare cost modeling

Milliman Health Trend Guidelines

Get accurate monthly information on healthcare expenditures and utilization for individuals enrolled in U.S. commercial insurance plans.

Medical underwriting
Medical underwriting

Milliman Medical Underwriting Suite

Improve the medical underwriting process with a comprehensive suite of products based on Milliman Medical Underwriting Guidelines.

Medical underwriting
Healthcare underwriting


Enhance the efficiency and consistency of underwriters with a full-featured electronic underwriting application.


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