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2020 mid-year embedded value results: Asia

By Paul Sinnott, Michael Daly, Richard W. Holloway, Wing F. Wong, Chihong An, Wen Yee Lee, Stephen H. Conwill, Sanket Kawatkar, and Shamit Gupta
19 January 2021

About the Author(s)

Paul Sinnott

Hong Kong Tel: 8 522 1523838

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Michael Daly

Hong Kong Tel: +8 522 1523138

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Richard W. Holloway

Singapore Tel: 65 6327 2301

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Wing F. Wong

Taipei Tel: 886 2 87800701

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Chihong An

Seoul Tel: 8 22 32762500

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Wen Yee Lee

Singapore Tel: 65 6327 2302

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Stephen H. Conwill

Tokyo Tel: 81 3 52117031

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Sanket Kawatkar

Shamit Gupta

New Delhi Tel: 91 124 4641507

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