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Investment education

We offer a broad range of backgrounds in investment research, education, and insurance industry roles. Our professionals are frequently asked to speak at national and regional industry conferences on a variety of topics. Because we never accept commission-based fees, our education programs present objective, honest viewpoints.

Our seminars fall into these three categories:

Hot topics

These discussions help clients understand emerging industry trends. Among the recent topics we have presented to clients are:

  • liability-driven investing
  • structure and funding of healthcare accounts
  • accounting requirements
  • investing in emerging markets, infrastructure, and private equity

Ongoing education

Staying current helps investment committees and boards to better evaluate managers and fund performance. Informed decision making requires a full understanding of the role and market conditions in which managers and funds operate.

One Milliman client asked us to look at a fund manager because of perceived short-term poor performance. Our in-depth review helped board members identify the true cause of the underperformance, which was due to market conditions outside the scope of the manager's control. The client decided to retain the manager after gaining a new perspective on the issues.

Off-site learning opportunities

Our dynamic investment conferences offer multiple sessions covering the current regulatory, economic, and capital-markets climate, the future outlook, and investment trends. Participants are introduced to new investment ideas and can discuss them with peers. Board members also may deepen their knowledge of investment concepts. The conferences are intended to help attendees to improve their understanding of return, risk, and the trade-offs between them in today’s markets, and to enable them to be better educated investors.

Whether education needs are specific, one time, or ongoing, Milliman's investment education is focused on helping clients make informed decisions.


Milliman investment education resources

We’re here to help

Ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

We’re here to help

Ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

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