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403(b) plans—new rules: Are you ready for significant changes?20 November 2007 - By Ginny Boggs and Jeffrey T. Marzinsky and Kara W. Tedesco - Article

The new 403(b)rules will bring significant changes. Although the rules don't take effect until Jan. 1, 2009, plan sponsors, fiduciaries, and employers need to take action NOW to be prepared. The slides and audio provide an overview of the changes,

New and improved: Biggest change to 403(b) plans in 40 years01 November 2007 - By Suzanne Smith and Ginny Boggs - Article

For anyone watching the emerging rules and regulations governing retirement plans in our country, the last year or two have provided plenty of action new ERISA rules for 401(k)s, the Pension Protection Act of 2006, and new rules from the

New fiduciary responsibilities fall to hospitals, other 403(b) sponsors18 October 2007 - By Ginny Boggs and Douglas A. Conkel - Article
IRS issues final 403(b) regulations—the first comprehensive 403(b) guidance in more than 40 years28 August 2007 - By Ginny Boggs - Article

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