Risk advisory services

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Recognized as innovators and thought leaders in enterprise risk management (ERM) processes and techniques, Milliman consultants assist global organizations across all industries by improving methods for identifying, evaluating, managing, and controlling complex, dynamic, and increasingly interrelated risks. Our team of professionals provides clients with a portfolio of solutions designed to:

  • Support performance management goals
  • Achieve greater capital efficiency and higher risk-adjusted returns
  • Comply with growing regulatory and rating agency requirements
  • Support operational excellence, minimize the impact and likelihood of surprises, and increase resiliency
  • Reduce the total cost of risk, freeing up capital for additional investments

Our risk advisory solutions include the design and implementation of ERM, complex risk assessment, risk-adjusted capital/liquidity analysis, scenario analysis and stress testing, and risk technology support. Our goal is to help you find the most cost-effective and efficient solution in managing your organization’s risk profile. Our unique MillimanGRC platform interacts with your organization's business lines and functional groups (particularly compliance, supply chain, vendor management, administration, legal, and internal audit) to gain an aggregated view of your organization's risk exposures and in-place mitigations.

As risk exposures are emerging and changing rapidly in today’s dynamic business environment, an easy-to-use, system-wide communication portal for risk exposures is a critical component of identifying both hazards and opportunities. Adaero is Milliman’s stochastic risk modeling platform that can illuminate uncertainties and measure hard-to-quantify risks. Through its integration functions, Adaero can optimize capital opportunities at a portfolio level, introduce key risk exposures into your financial planning process, and provide a platform for scenario analysis and stress testing.

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